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Vapor Cigarettes Provide Smokers With a Healthier, More Cost-Effective Option

Regular tobacco contains as many as 5,000 chemicals, with up to 100,000 more that have never been identified. Most of these chemicals have been found to cause serious health issues. With these statistics, it is no wonder more and more smokers are looking for healthier alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have become a popular choice because they do not contain tobacco, but still deliver the nicotine and habitual actions smokers are accustomed to. But, the debate on which vapor cigarettes are the best is an ongoing discussion. recently launched to provide smokers guidance and reviews about which electric cigarettes deliver the highest quality and most enjoyable results. The new site explains the different types of vapor cigarettes available on the market and how they vary from each other. It also features personal accounts about how electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, have made positive impacts on smokers' lives.

Although there is not a lot of research regarding the vapor cigarette, most professionals agree they are not as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. The reason for this is that electronic cigarette smokers inhale water vapor and not smoke. The water vapor contains nicotine, which fulfills a smoker's craving. provides in-depth vapor cigarette reviews and gives information about two of their favorite brands, Green Smoke and South Beach Smoke.

According to, "These brands of the vapor cigarette offer a wide variety of flavors and nicotine levels. There are even some awesome flavors such as coffee, vanilla and the traditional tobacco. Whether you are trying to quit or you are just looking for a safer alternative, you will appreciate the different levels of nicotine that you can choose from. If you are serious about improving your health or quitting smoking, then you need to try the vapor cigarette."

By switching from a tobacco cigarette to a vapor cigarette, smokers can not only improve their health, but also save money in the long run. Depending on the brand of regular cigarettes a smoker uses and the brand of electric cigarettes they switch to, most people can save between 40 and 75 percent with the vapor cigarette.

Published: Thursday, October 20, 2011

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