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Not just blowing smoke

In the past, students were able to sit back and have a drag in the classroom without a worry in their minds - now, "no smoking" signs are placed outside many campus buildings, but that doesn't mean cigarette butts aren't frequently found stomped out right in front of them.

A little over three years ago, smokers were able to light up in bars, restaurants and hotels, but now due to the Smoke Free Air Act, that is no longer a possibility. Students are required to go off campus to get their a fix.

As we all know, laws are constantly broken, especially among students. Students who are in a hurry to class park illegally and speed through the 25 mph areas around campus. Many take part in underage drinking every weekend. Unfortunately, some University of Northern Iowa students put smoking right on the top of the list of laws that are "meant to be broken."

Students go to the extent of hiding behind bushes just to get their deathly fix of an addictive drug. Despite the fact that they are college educated, many students chose to blatantly ignore the warnings printed on the packages containing one of the leading killers in the United States, being completely unfazed by the damages cigarettes can do to their bodies and overall health.

Those of us who don't enjoy smoke being blown in our faces as we enjoy a nice stroll from class to class appreciate these laws, but it's very upsetting when the entrances to campus are blocked by a cloud of smoke and a rainy day means getting soggy cigarette butts stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

Laws are meant to be obeyed for good reasons, although it might not always seem like it. A student's smoking habit not only affects their health, but the health of those around them as well.

Whether a student's dislike of smoking comes from an already prevalent health issue, such as asthma (which smoking can aggravate), or they just don't enjoy filling their lungs with toxins, we need to respect our fellow peers.

Smokers: The next time you want to duck behind a bench to take a puff, just take the time to walk across the street to do so. With all of the harm the smoking is doing in the first place, the little bit of exercise that walk provides may be good for you.

Published: Monday, November 14, 2011

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