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Lack of awareness puffs away smoking ban

Anti-smoking ban? What's that? Many people and shopkeepers are not aware of the ban on smoking of cigarettes in public places in the city. Also selling of cigarettes is banned within 100 yards of educational institutions. The central government has banned smoking in public places in October 2, 2008.

When TOI did a reality check, many people were seen smoking in public places.

RAILWAY STATION: Though cigarettes are not sold at shops in the Mangalore Central Railway station, an auto-rickshaw driver sells cigarettes during wee hours near the station entrance. This is the only place where cigarettes are sold during wee hours and many students, particularly residing in hostels, come here to smoke.

KSRTC BUS STAND: Shops in the bus stand sell cigarettes and other tobacco products. Shopkeepers say that smoking is banned in the bus stand, but there is no restriction to sell cigarettes here. Both in railway station and in bus stand, very few people were seen smoking during the day, but during the wee hours many people were seen smoking in both the places.

Mahalingam M, a businessman from Bangalore, said: "If anyone is found smoking at Majestic bus stand in Bangalore, policemen warns the smoker. But in Mangalore people smoke within in the vicinity of the bus stand without any fear.

PETTY SHOPS: Few months ago, petty shops and other shops within 100 yards of educational institutions were selling cigarettes and other tobacco products. But after the Mangalore City Corporation conducted frequent raids on these shops following the death of Sneha Upadhyaya, 19, a II year PUC dropout student, who committed suicide as she was unable to overcome drug addiction, shopkeepers have stopped selling cigarettes and other tobacco products.

But even now at a shop situated opposite School of Social Work, Roshni sells cigarettes. School of Social Work is known for organising various programmes related to harmful effects of smoking, drinking and narcotic substances in this region. The store owner said: "No one has directed us to stop selling cigarettes and we have been doing so for the past few years."


Anantha Naryana, a senior citizen, said: Instead of imposing fine on shopkeepers for selling tobacco products, the authorities should first create awareness about the ban. "If students see people smoking near their colleges, they might be tempted to try it," he said.

Rajesh, a pan and tea shop owner near Father Muller College, said: "I am aware that smoking is banned in public places. But I can't tell my customers not to smoke near my shop as it will affect my business." He says many young students come to his shop to buy cigarettes. "I don't sell cigarettes to these students. Some even lie that they are purchasing cigarettes for their father," he said.


Sanitise the 100 yards radius of all educational institutions in your respective limits. Do not go into the technicality of the law on what should be done if someone is selling cigarettes at a distance of 105 yards from educational institutions. Police have to play their role in the effective implementation....," Ashit Mohan Prasad, additional DGP (crime and technical services) and nodal officer for the state for implementing the Act told police personnel at a workshop on the Act here recently.

Published: Friday, March 15, 2013

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