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Freedom Cigarettes Support National No Smoking Day (14th March) for the Second Year Running

Freedom supports all smokers who want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes on this national No Smoking Day. Freedom also understands that some people want to continue smoking but are fed up with the stigma and negative aspects of smoking tobacco. Last year they asked smokers to bin their tobacco cigarettes in exchange for a packet of their standard starter e-cigs for free, which had an amazing public response. This year Freedom Cigarettes will be announcing a special discount on their Facebook page to all smokers who want to make the switch to electronic cigarettes on national No Smoking Day.

Freedom electronic cigarettes are the UK's favourite electronic cigarette. They offer a more cost effective and healthier option for existing tobacco smokers. Freedoms do not produce tar, carbon monoxide or thousands of chemicals that smoking tobacco creates. They do not produce second hand smoke or a bad odour and are, therefore, a more sociably acceptable alternative. Unlike most other smoking substitutes, they give the user the emotional and psychological feeling of smoking a real cigarette.

"Freedom electronic cigarettes are a gateway product for existing tobacco smokers to find a real 'smoking' alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Freedoms are not NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) or a cessation device, which means our products are aimed at existing smokers who want to change their habit, rather than to quit. We donated to Children in Need and other charities last year, and will continue to support them and National No Smoking day", commented Nigel Quine Business development director of Freedom Cigarettes.

Published: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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