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Cigarette rolling machine controversy

A controversial new machine is popping up in Bay State stores and it helps smokers roll their own cigarettes and makes lighting up a whole lot cheaper.

A pack of cigarettes goes for nearly $10, with roughly $2.50 in state taxes. The new "roll your own" machines eliminate the state tax. A carton of hand-rolled cigarettes costs one-third of the price of manufactured ones.

One distributor tells FOX 25 there is an estimated 50 machines currently operating in the state.

People FOX 25 spoke to stand on both sides of the issue.

Governor Deval Patrick has another idea. He wants to filter $73 million into the state by adding 50 cents in taxes to every pack of cigarettes sold.

That would bring the taxes to more than $3 per pack.

Published: Tuesday, February 07, 2012

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