Sobranie Blue

Sobranie Blue cigarette, a paper-wrapped roll of delicately cut tobacco, has been smoked by humans for centuries. The inhaling and exhaling of fumes of burning plant material was first introduced by the Aztecs who smoked a hollow reed or cane tube filled with tobacco, and by other natives of Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America who rolled the crushed tobacco leaves in corn husks or other vegetable wrappers.

Cheap Sobranie Blue cigarettes are considered to be lady's cigarettes; however both women and men buy Sobranie Blue cheap cigarettes. Having tasted cigaretets Sobranie Blue online once, you won't confuse their taste with other brand, as these cigaretets present a combination of premium tobacco, enchanting taste and pleasant aroma. Cheap Sobranie Blue Cigarettes online are made for true smokers, and combine the three important things in each cigarette - gentleness, exceptional taste and cooler smoking. Buy Sobranie Blue cigarettses and enjoy their gentle and fine taste. Sobranie Blue cigarettes are packaged in a predominantly blue packet, with an inscription written with gold characters.

Cheap Sobranie Blue cigarettes were promoted for many years as cigarettes that allow you to "Enjoy a delivate, without drowning out pure tobacco taste." In the 1999 Janet Fitch novel White Oleander, cheap Sobranie Blue cigarettes were a characterizing feature of foster mother and Russian immigrant, Rena Grushenka.

        Sobranie Blue
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Sobranie Blue
Tar: 6mg   Nicotine: 0.5mg

Sobranie Blue

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