Pall Mall Superslims Blue

Few years ago the "new" Pall Mall was introduced - Pall Mall Superslims Blue - a savings cigarette with smooth and pleasant taste. Pall Mall was one of the first brands to launch 85 millimeter cigarettes ("king-size") and 100-millimeter cigarettes. Both gave smokers more value for the same amount of money and thus were a stunning success.

Cigarettes Pall Mall Superslims Blue online are successful because they offer finest quality combined with smooth smoking satisfaction that lasts longer. You can buy Pall Mall Superslims Blue cigarettes for a reasonable price and yet you can have the high level of its taste, class and luxury.

Cheap Pall Mall Superslims Blue cigarettes help to get the better of depression. Cheap Pall Mall Superslims Blue Cigarettes online may considerably alleviate depression of smokers, as American scientists have established. Now, they want to create a substance in laboratory conditions, which will have the action similar to nicotine. Joseph McClernon and his colleagues from the Duke Center for Nicotine and Smoking Cessation Research tested the Pall Mall Superslims Blue cigarette action for 11 smokers, who suffered depression. They proved that depressed people who smoke and buy Pall Mall Superslims Blue cheap cigarettes get the depression better.

        Pall Mall Superslims Blue
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Pall Mall Superslims Blue
Tar: 7mg   Nicotine: 0.6mg

Pall Mall Superslims Blue

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4 cartons $ 91.20 ($22.80 per 1 carton) Sold Out
8 cartons $ 166.40 ($20.80 per 1 carton) Sold Out

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