Pall Mall Superslims Amber

Pall Mall brand was launched in 1899 and today it is selling in more than 60 markets being the fifth best-selling brand in the world with great heritage and brilliant quality. The recently-introduced line of Pall Mall products includes the following varieties: Pall Mall Super Slims Blue, Pall Mall Super Slims Amber, Pall Mall Nanokings Blue, Pall Mall Nanokings Amber.

Following the arrival of the Europeans, cheap Pall Mall Superslims Amber cigarettes became increasingly popular as a trade item. Cigarettes Pall Mall Superslims Amber online are trendy and fashionable. This brand is liked and desired by every smoker. Pall Mall Superslims Amber

Cigarettes have an elegant taste and refine packing, which are the significant factors to why it is

a popular brand among many smokers worldwide and why real cigarettes connoisseurs buy Pall Mall Superslims Amber cigarettes.

People who buy cheap Pall Mall Superslims Amber cigarettes online appreciate not only the quality of tobacco, but also the cigarette brand, its renown on the world market. Cigarettes experts buy Pall Mall Superslims Amber cheap cigarettes to satisfy their taste and budget.

The introduction of Pall Mall Superslims Amber was accompanied by promotional campaigns and advertisement in mass-media, points of sale and in the web.

        Pall Mall Superslims Amber
I came - I saw - I bought
Pall Mall Superslims Amber
Tar: 4mg   Nicotine: 0.4mg

Pall Mall Superslims Amber

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4 cartons $ 91.20 ($22.80 per 1 carton) Sold Out
8 cartons $ 166.40 ($20.80 per 1 carton) Sold Out

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