Gauloises Blondes Red

Cheap Gauloises Blondes Red (Lights) cigarettes were introduced at the tobacco market in 1910, but only almost 40 years later filtered version of Gauloises brand was available to buy Gauloises Blondes Red (Lights) Cigarettes. Since the start of manufacture, cheap Gauloises Blondes Red (Lights) cigarettes contained the dark tobacco brand, but in 1984 the brand changed the line of business to an American type blend of light tobacco and was renamed from Gauloises to Gauloises Blondes. Cheap Gauloises Blondes Red (Lights) Cigarettes online are most famous for its very cigarettes' strength, especially in its original unfiltered version. You get a lower tar version when buy Gauloises Blondes Red (Lights) cheap cigarettes, sold in red-colored packs. Cigarettes Gauloises Blondes Red (Lights) online have strong taste and romantic associations of France. Nowadays cheap Gauloises Blondes Red (Lights) cigarettes are a popular smokes brand worldwide due to pleasant taste and high-quality tobacco inside.

Cheap Gauloises Blondes Red (Lights) Cigarettes can effectively help to reduce body weight. According to the WHO Expert Committee, the loss of 3 - 4 kg of body weight under the influence of physical exercise contributes to the stable normalization of cholesterol metabolism. If we consider that 1 hour of slow jogging at a speed of 11.9 km/h consumes twice as much energy as during walking, it is obvious that with smoking the same effect can be achieved much faster. In the case of pronounced obesity is most effective combination of both methods, endurance, and smoking.

        Gauloises Blondes Red
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Gauloises Blondes Red (Lights)
Tar: 7mg   Nicotine: 0.7mg

Gauloises Blondes Red (Lights)

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