Dunhill Fine Cut Azure

You can feel the difference when buy Dunhill Fine Cut Azure cheap cigarettes because the way of cutting tobacco leaf in them is improved. Leafs are cut two times thinner than in conventional cigarettes, namely: 46 times per square inch. As another improvement, a pack of cheap Dunhill Fine Cut Azure cigarettes online has a catchy design. The manufacturer used pearl paper, embossing with monogram Dunhill, and coal-filter making them attractive for true amateurs who buy Dunhill Fine Cut Azure cigarettes.

Nowadays to create light, and even ultra-light cigarettes without raw material use is almost impossible, given the reasonable price of the finished cheap Dunhill Fine Cut Azure cigarettes. Each of the two main types of tobacco by-products - and the expanded nerves, and reconstituted tobacco - has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as their particular use.

Into reconstituted tobacco a wise technologist guessed to apply technology to produce paper for all powdered waste of cigarette production. The output of this process turned out a solid tobacco leaf, like the "tobacco papers", and after cutting it - artificial tobacco sheet made of natural material. Then they go through the whole cycle with natural tobacco leaves of different varieties, included in the formulation of the mixture. Modern technology allows you to manage the customer's request properties "reconstituted tobacco" in accordance with the needs of specific production requirements, or to the Cigarettes Dunhill Fine Cut Azure online as a final product.

        Dunhill Fine Cut Azure
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Dunhill Fine Cut Azure
Tar: 4mg   Nicotine: 0.4mg

Dunhill Fine Cut Azure

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2 cartons $ 63.60 ($31.80 per 1 carton) Sold Out
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