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Cheap Dubliss Blue Cigarettes are cigarettes of regular size with lighter nicotine compound. There is a myth that cheap Dubliss Blue cigarettes online smokers to compensate for a deficiency of nutrients, need extra vitamins, which are the natural antidote to tobacco effect.

In fact, the smoker is person who buys Dubliss Blue cigarettes and has special biochemistry, which is not subject to the canons of statistical average. For example, recently conducted research revealed that "pure" beta-carotene in the body triggers the smoker's carcinogenicity.

As stated in the published in New England Journal of Medicine data, the risk of their cancer while taking beta-carotene increased by eighteen percent. The investigations were carried out almost simultaneously in Finland and the United States. According to U.S. data, the American cigarettes Dubliss Blue online smoker who ate pure beta-carotene (not carrots), the risk of lung cancer has increased by 28%. It's almost one in three smokers who compassionate family slip food vitamin supplements. So stop terrorizing your family members and friends with vitamins and simply buy Dubliss Blue cheap cigarettes for them to enjoy.

Some consider that while drinking alcoholic beverages, it's prohibited to smoke cheap Dubliss Blue cigarettes. In fact, a smoker drinking wine falls the likelihood of human intestinal polyps by nearly 20 percent less than non-teetotaler or a non-smoking men, drinking beer. A similar relationship is observed in cases of ulcerative colitis.

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Dubliss Blue
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Dubliss Blue

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