Chesterfield Classic Silver

In the previous century the distribution of filtered cheap Chesterfield Classic Silver (Ultra Lights) cigarettes on a global scale has become a new powerful impetus associated with the open door policy, announced by China. At that time it was allowed to import cigarette filters in China. In 1987, the Shanghai Cigarette Factory has released the first cigarette with a dual carbon filters for smokers who buy Chesterfield Classic Silver (Ultra Lights) cigarettes. South Korea in 1988 launched its brand "88", equipped with a triple filter, thus the first to suggest a carbon filter in the Korean market. As a result, there were clearly evident a few trends in the global cigarette market: Japan and Korea dominated the carbon filters, the Philippines and Thailand were particularly strong in the consumption of menthol products, widely distributed in Europe, the cigarettes with lower tar and dual filters like cheap Chesterfield Classic Silver (Ultra Lights) cigarettes online. These filters are offered a higher degree of adsorption resin and a reduced level of ventilation, compared with mono-filtering solutions.

For some people smoking is a way to communicate and establish social contacts. For others it's fun and enjoyable ritual to buy Chesterfield Classic Silver (Ultra Lights) cheap cigarettes. For the third ones it's the habit, from which it is difficult to get rid of. Attitude to smoking may be different, but the fact remains: cigarettes have become an integral part of the life of modern people, including cigarettes Chesterfield Classic Silver (Ultra Lights) online.

        Chesterfield Classic Silver
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Chesterfield Classic Silver (Ultra Lights)
Tar: 4mg   Nicotine: 0.4mg

Chesterfield Classic Silver (Ultra Lights)

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