Chesterfield Classic Red

In the 60 years of filter cigarettes of exclusion have became the norm. Since filtering tobacco smoke and reducing the amount of harmful resins have become one of the main requirements for cheap Chesterfield Classic Red cigarettes online has been designed with a special filter that meets these requirements. Double-filter, species which occur in cheap Chesterfield Classic Red cigarettes industry and to this day, consisted of segments connected by layers of cellulose acetate and special paper. This helps to reduce the level of penetration of resin into the cigarettes Chesterfield Classic Red online smoker due to the unique design of the filter and clogging the ability of two different materials used.

Establishment of production technology of the double and then triple-filter developers pushed for an experimental search for materials that could be added to the cigarette filter to increase its retention capacity. Thus, persons who buy Chesterfield Classic Red cheap cigarettes in the U.S. was for the first time used as absorbent material in the cigarette filter activated charcoal. True, the first test samples of cigarettes with charcoal filter is a rare taste disgusting, but further experiments on dosage and preparation used coal crumbs, as well as the use of chemical flavor enhancers and aroma led to the creation of decent cigarettes. The popularity of an activated carbon filter has grown in terms of the vigorous tobacco market and continues to grow today as smokers buy Chesterfield Classic Red cigarettes.

        Chesterfield Classic Red
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Chesterfield Classic Red
Tar: 10mg   Nicotine: 0.8mg

Chesterfield Classic Red

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