Chesterfield Classic Blue

When the United States have developed and introduced more new models of double filters, the development of new types of filter started in Asia also. That's when Japan first began supplying cheap Chesterfield Classic Blue (Lights) cigarettes charcoal filter, which is still the most popular among Japanese smokers who buy Chesterfield Classic Blue (Lights) cigarettes.

During the 70-ies in the tobacco industry was a significant increase in demand to buy Chesterfield Classic Blue (Lights) cheap cigarettes in filtered form, and issues such as further development of the retention capacity of the filter and the diversification of production, have become increasingly important. At those time have been developed basic scientific techniques measuring the diameter of the filter, the pressure inside the filter during smoking and permeability (resistance torque) filter which can be found into cigarettes Chesterfield Classic Blue (Lights) online nowadays.

In the early 70's, most manufacturers preferred double filters. This preference is maintained until such time has not yet been invented high-speed machines to produce filters that are provided to each cigarette manufacturers an opportunity to make mono-filters right at the enterprise. By the end of 1970 mono-filter, because of the simplicity and accessibility of its mass production, has become the most commonly used filters in the global tobacco industry, including cheap Chesterfield Classic Blue (Lights) cigarettes online. Ventilation filters also become widely used - in combination with special filters designed to reflect this characteristic.

        Chesterfield Classic Blue
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Chesterfield Classic Blue (Lights)
Tar: 6mg   Nicotine: 0.5mg

Chesterfield Classic Blue (Lights)

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