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Cheap Capri Bianco cigarettes brand is represented in form of super slims cigarette. Cigarettes Capri Bianco Online represent an international brand that exists in a number of markets for British American Tobacco. You can easily buy Capri Bianco cheap cigarettes; in particular, the brand is represented in China, Brazil and Iceland, and many other countries all over the world.

Smoking can be harmful when in excess; however there are diseases in which smoking would be helpful. In New York recently took place a rather interesting study over twins. Scientists are about 30 years ago found a strange correlation between the genetic predisposition to smoking cheap Capri Bianco cigarettes online and Parkinson's disease, but the mechanism of dependence, until recently, was incomprehensible.

Dr. Caroline M. Tanner and her colleagues from the California Institute of the observed identical twins (with the same set of genes) and fraternal twins. The study involved 113 pairs of twins, men, and in each pair, one of the brothers suffered from Parkinson's disease. It turned out that the "healthy" brothers smoke and buy Capri Bianco cigarettes many times more and more sick. And this dependence is manifested in identical twins is stronger than fraternal. According to the summary data, among identical twins the risk of Parkinson's disease was almost twice lower than in those who smoked cheap Capri Bianco cigarettes. The main conclusion to be drawn from the experiment: smoking somehow retards the development of Parkinson's disease.

        Capri Bianco
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Capri Bianco
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Capri Bianco

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