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Some consider that because of those who buy Bond Classic Selection cigarettes and smoke, so-called passive smokers are suffering more consequences. However, for 15 years, a group of chemists from University of Texas, not simply conducted experiments to understand how harmful secondhand cheap Bond Classic Selection cigarettes smoke is. They almost counted every single atom which is coming from a smoker and getting to a passive smoker.

Initial data for the experiment was a six square meters room with 6 incessantly cigarettes Bond Classic Selection online smoking men and one nonsmoker with them inside. The results were so that to get the amount of a substance that a smoker gets from one cigarette, a passive smoker should be located in the smoke-filled room for not less than 100 (one hundred) hours. Now tell me how long time usually a non-smoker is bearing a cheap Bond Classic Selection cigarettes online smoke along him and leaves for fresh air? Not even 10 minutes!

If you read carefully study the WHO (World Health Organization) on the dangers of smoking, you see that they rely on the only serious study on this subject, which was made in 1928 in USA, the observation of uranium mines prisoners who buy Bond Classic Selection cheap cigarettes. According to statistics, that there has been conducted, smoking prisoners died before non-smokers.

        Bond Classic Selection
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Bond Classic Selection
Tar: 11mg   Nicotine: 0.9mg

Bond Classic Selection

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