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What is nicotine and how to measure its content?

Everyone knows that a drop of nicotine kills the horse, but only a few realize that the person is not a horse, and so there is a lethal dose of 60 mg of nicotine. One full cigarette contains about 10 mg of nicotine, so frequent cases of poisoning in children who have eaten a cigarette. A smoker gets from a cigarette about 1 mg of nicotine through the smoke. Nicotine is rapidly absorbed into the blood and enters the brain, causing the smoker gets the desired effect. Rapid absorption allows the smoker to control the nicotine content in the body, but the nicotine is rapidly eliminated from the body and to maintain its level often have to enter it extra doses.

Here's how the cigarette is described in the documents of the corporation, Philip Morris' cigarettes like Marlboro and Camel should not be considered as a product, but as a package. The product is nicotine itself. Think of the cigarette pack as a storage container for a daily dose of nicotine... Think of the cigarette as a dispenser of portions nicotine... Smoke, no doubt, is the most optimized vehicle of nicotine delivery, and cigarettes are the most optimized dispenser of smoke.

Although nicotine has some adverse health effects, its harm to the body is much less than the harm of carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic acid, 43 carcinogens and other components of tobacco smoke. The main danger of nicotine is that nicotine dependence supports the use of tobacco, which is inevitably accompanied by intake of harmful components of Winston cigarettes tobacco smoke.

It seems reasonable that the reduction of nicotine in cigarettes will help to ensure that smokers will not develop dependence; they will be able to stop. However, the promotion of cigarettes with reduced release of nicotine did not produce the desired effect. And for this there are at least two reasons.

Nicotine exists in two forms - bound, or salt and free. In this volatile it is only in free form in tobacco is present mainly in the salt. On combustion, nicotine passes into the free form and is absorbed into the body. When the tobacco companies have realized this, they began to learn how to increase the number of rolling in a free form of nicotine. It turned out that this is done is quite simple - you just need to raise the alkalinity (pH) of tobacco smoke. This can be achieved by adding tobacco ammonium phosphate or ammonium. The critical exponent is not the mass of nicotine, which enters the human body, and then, in what form is nicotine. The greater is the ratio of free and bound nicotine, the more bioavailability for absorption of nicotine.

Recall that the method of nicotine content measured only in the residue on the filter, but does not give information on the nicotine in the form of flying. Therefore, printed on the pack levels of nicotine are a conscious consumer fraud light cigarettes.

Published: Friday, February 17, 2012

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