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Tobacco cigarettes for female smokers

Today, female smokers prefer a fairly wide range of cigarette brands, but, as in all walks of life here has its own fashion. The fashions for slim cigarettes, which are due to propaganda by the people is now considered more aesthetic and accentuate the refinement. The fight against smoking is pointless, because cigarette companies firmly established, for example, women that cigarettes make their way more glamorous. Indeed, glamour cigarettes is a great force and none health organizations can not do anything about it.

In some kind of benchmark for women's cigarettes is by far the brand Vogue Superslims. From year to year this brand retains its leading position and firmly holds the position of the premium cigarette for women.

A couple of years ago, the fight came from the company's brand of Glamour Gallaher Liggett-Ducat. With its rather pretentious name of these cigarettes, they still cost half the price of Vogue Superslims. Also, a manufacturer of Korea Tobacco & Ginsen cigarettes began selling its female brand - Esse. These are just some of the names of cigarettes, which are positioned as feminine.

The international market of cigarettes is currently characterized by an extremely high level of competition; in each segment is a tough fight. Competing players are gradually shifting from competition in the production (expansion of product range, reducing tar and nicotine in the product) and price developments to the competition of ideas to advance the struggle for production and sales outlets. After all, high quality and reasonable price for cigarettes today are not a novelty. The tobacco industry is suffering from numerous legal restrictions. The new law on advertising, adopted this year, bans on tobacco advertising by all types of outdoor advertising, advertising on public transport, radio, cinema, inside or near (closer than 100 meters) of all academic, sporting and cultural institutions. As noted by many industry experts, consumers are also in the process of evolution, their vision of things is changing, and with increasing purchasing power and the increasingly repressive conditions in the competition, they becomes more and more demanding when buy cheap cigarettes. Moreover, at this stage of development the industry, tobacco companies have already won customers among mature and older male generations, but are actively fighting for the youth and women smokers. Thus, suffering from a legal, moral (social stigma of smoking) constraints, the growing demands of consumers, as well as the barriers of perception (especially prejudices about the unreliability of advertising), tobacco companies are moving to a more subtle impact of technology on consumers, ranging from the type, design most pack and finishing delicate promotional and PR-technologies.

Published: Friday, May 18, 2012

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