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Tips to start smoking

It's no secret that the cigarettes for a long time are true human friends. Whenever you want to look sensibly among their peers, to distract nervously at a difficult moment or take a pause in the work time - just light up a cigarette. However cigarettes do not like the word "sometimes." If you started smoking, keep smoking!

So, if you decide to start smoking, we can offer you several simple tips to help you do this in easy and quickly way.

In order for the first time to try a cigarette, you should get a cigarette, a lighter (or matches) and ashtray (optional). It's better to have a cigarette with a filter and not a strong one.

It's desirable to start smoking under the supervision of an inveterate smoker. They will be able to explain your mistakes, pat you on the back or even call an ambulance.

Before you start smoking, check the serviceability and configuration of the lighter. Incorrectly set up a lighter can singe your eyebrows and eyelashes or cause a fire.

When inserting a cigarette in mouth, make sure that cigarette is inserted with the filter side, not tobacco. Otherwise, you can smoke a filter and get poisoned with its dangerous vapors. Filters of more cigarettes can be identified by orange indicator and the logo of the manufacturer printed on it. Now there are more and more cigarettes with white filter indicator, so be careful detecting them.

Light a cigarette with lighter flame and bring it to the tobacco end of cigarette. Drag in. You instantly feel taste of cigarettes. Do not worry. This feeling is experienced by all smokers. This flavor is the main charm of smoking. Eventually, when you get used to smoking, you'll understand what I mean.

After the first puff you might happen get coughing. It's okay. Lung cancer does not begin that early. Cough it out and everything will be okay.

In the process of smoking you should bring down ashes and keep in mind to exhale from the lungs cleared of tar smoke.

When you finish smoking your cigarette up to the filter (in 10-15 puffs) throw "bull" and wash your hands with soap.

Repeat smoking 3-4 times a day, gradually increasing the frequency of smoking to packs a day.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in smoking cigarettes, so feel free to start smoking. Buy cigarettes online to save your money for more cigarettes like Marlboro. Enjoy smoking discount cigarettes!

Published: Friday, March 30, 2012

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