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Production of Cigarettes

Today, there are many kinds of cigarettes and smokers choose cigarettes of various flavors and strength characteristics. However the process of cigarette manufacturing does not differ irrespective of brand, either cheap cigarettes or luxurious cigs. Generally, the process of cigarette manufacturing is rather complex.

First of all, tobacco is checked for quality at the factory, and then it is mixed according to the recipe of particular brand of cigarettes. From the very beginning, the controls of tobacco components and tobacco grade have a certain priority. That's why, a popular computer technology become more and more involved into control of the production.

One of the main characteristics, which are considered in the cigarettes production, is tobacco humidity. When the humidity index is high, then tobacco can be easily damaged during storage. But if the humidity index is low, tobacco will crumble during processing. Tobacco blends are processes by steam and water in adequate quantities to avoid losses during the production. This provides tobacco's greater flexibility and allows properly cutting. Excess moisture is later removed and the blend undergoes final quality check.

Cigarette production was manual decades ago and used to be a very hard work. Manual production process requested very serious stuff training, multiple checks on all levels and stages of production, which simply are not demanded in modern factories. The introduction of modern technologies and computer-aided equipment made the whole manufacturing process completely automated. Such operations like measuring tobacco, cigarette paper rolling and filter cutting are made on-the-fly at any tobacco company. The production technology constantly improves, but the main attention is still paid to secure best quality settings the final product. Every single cigarette is automatically checked and, buying cigarettes, a smoker can be sure in its compliance with standardized requirements.

Finally, special packaging machines put cigarettes in packs, and then package into blocks and boxes. Every single step is followed by quality control. Such accuracy ensures guaranteed cigarettes protection during storage and delivery.

Published: Friday, January 04, 2013

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