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How to grow true tobacco for best cigarettes

Tobacco plant belongs to the genus Nikotiana, reaching the adult height of 120 to 180 cm high plasticity of the tobacco with respect to climatic conditions, to manage productivity, quality and grade of the plant. Tobacco is traditionally grown in specific climate zones with special requirements for the composition of the soil, ambient temperature and humidity.

The process of harvesting the tobacco leaf is rather complicated, especially when you create a special grade of tobacco use and high quality. It is very important when ripe time to remove tobacco leaf, that he has not lost its value and does not prevent the further growth of hardwood layers.

Resinous substances and essential oils contained in the hairs covering the leaves, and the nicotine is accumulated in the leaves, along with other substances that affect the yield and quality. The leaves can be removed when a state of complete technical maturity. Immature or overripe leaves can spoil the whole crop in post processing - the quality is low and the flavor will not meet the specifications.

It should be noted that the tobacco plant is a rather capricious - the smallest decrease in humidity or temperature decrease substantially increase the period of maturation and lower leaf yield in general. Tobacco also requires a special structure of the soil loose and with the obligatory presence of gravel and pebbles - these soils are found in mountainous areas.

Control of leaf maturation in order to timely harvesting requires constant monitoring. Golden Virginia Tobacco, which is used into Winston cigarettes and Camel cigarettes brands, is harvested only by hand. This is a time-consuming and expensive process. There is also a method of harvesting tobacco in whole plants - this method is used for Burley tobacco production, and it is possible to mechanized harvesting. Combined method for the production of the best varieties is used very rarely. The harvesting of mature tobacco leaves is called brittle. Oriental tobaccos and Golden Virginia, are removed in 5-6 steps during the process of growing. The process of harvesting is produced in the morning after the night dew or in evenings, when the tobacco leaves contain the greatest amount of dry matter.

Growing technology is only part of  the harvesting tobacco. Special qualities of this tobacco gives post-harvest technology. The most important process after harvesting mature tobacco is dryer sheets, which consists of the stages of longing and fixation. For each type of tobacco has its own rules when the moisture content of longing. In the process of drying tobacco leaves change not only color, but also the chemical composition - changes the content of carbohydrates and organic acids, nitrogen and pectin in a leaf.

Color of leaf tobacco may not only be shades of yellow, but brown, red and orange - this is due to the processes of oxidation during drying. Use only the organoleptic method for determining the readiness of leaf tobacco for further manufacture of goods. Experts determine the end of the drying of leaf fragility in the middle of the vein and the desired color for each class.

When you buy cigarettes, rarely it occurs in your mind what a long way tobacco plant made to result in an excellent and tasteful cigarette. Cheapest cigarettes online are the best choice for smokers who wish to enjoy the fullness of smoking.

Published: Friday, April 27, 2012

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